Problem Solving

You know how temperamental computers can be

Whether your computer is running slowly, freezing up, crashing with errors, infected with viruses or just not doing what it should we can help. We offer a computer healthcheck service to make sure your programs are all up to date and can remove that annoying and unwanted software that always seems to find its way onto your computer. We can remove troublesome viruses and offer advise on the security of your computer and how to minimise further infections. If you have any problems at all with your computer please get in touch with us and we will do our best to resolve them.

Hardware and Software


Installations, Upgrades and Repairs

We can help you install your new computer or printer which doesn't quite 'install out of the box' as you were told when you bought it. We provide an onsite memory upgrade service for most computers, one of the most efficient ways to speed up a computer is to increase its memory (or RAM). You will see the results as soon as the computer is switched back on. We can install additional or replacement internal and external hard drives and transfer your data from the old drive to the new one. We can replace many other components within your computer, including the CD or DVD drive, floppy drive, power supply and graphics card. The latter is useful to know if you have a new game, for example, that needs a state-of-the-art graphic card to run it. We can install your new application, games or antivirus software or help upgrade your exsiting versions to later ones.


Broadband and Networks

Setup and Security Service

You know the situation. You order your broadband, a parcel and a letter arrive and 'off you go'. We can install the equipment your internet service provider (ISP) has sent you and configure your computer to connect to the internet using it. If you do not have a router, or you want a different one, we can help with that too. We will make sure your wireless network is secure and show you how to connect other laptops and devices to it. We can help you set up your email, it would be useful if you have your email address and username and password to hand. If you don't your mail provider (usually your ISP) should be able to help you with this.