About Gloucester Computer Specialist

The Background

Gloucester Computer Specialist was started in 1994 by Stuart Lewis. Prior to this he worked for a local IBM computer dealer as a senior member of the support division. He started out supporting Commodore PET computers, some of you may remember we used these before the Personal Computer (PC) came along. He provided hardware and software support to businesses and wrote bespoke software for many of them. He then worked as a senior software analyst for a company that developed software applications for local governent departments. Having successfully filled this role for several years the lure of the support role was too great and he started Gloucester Computer Specialist which has since gone from strength to strength.

How We Do It


Our Mission Statement

It is our vision to provide the most technically accurate and professional service to our customers in such a way that they are completely satisfied and subsequently recommend us to friends and colleagues. With this in mind we will always do whatever is practical and necessary to provide our customers with the best solution for their problems and undertake all work with diligence and care.